7 days Sri Lanka Tour

7 Days in Sri Lanka Tour Package contains various fun filled adventurous activities to enjoy your holidays in Sri Lanka. With this one week holiday package to Sri Lanka, visit Colombo, Galle, Mirissa, Tangalle, Yala, Ella, Pinnawala, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Mihinthale.

7 Days in Sri Lanka Holiday Package

  • Day 01 – Colombo

    Colombo is referred as commercial Capital of Sri Lanka, the financial center and a popular luxury holiday destination. Colombo is located in west coast of the island.

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    Colombo City Tour

    Places to visit in Colombo on the first day of one week holiday in Sri Lanka.

    • National Museum
    • Independence Memorial Hall
    • Wandering the streets of Pettah
    • Galle Face Green Beach
    7 Days in Sri Lanka
    1 week itinerary
    7 Days itinerary

    National Museum

    With this 7 days holiday package to Sri Lanka, the first place to visit in Colombo, is National museum. The museum was established in 1877. Copy of the Statue of Tara can be found here in the museum, a three-quarter life size statue of Tara currently is in the British Museum. Crown jewels, throne of last Sri Lankan king too can be seen in the museum, which were returned to Sri Lanka by the British Government. Museum's ground floor galleries are organized in historical sequence, and upper galleries thematically.

    Independence Memorial Hall

    Independence Memorial Hall is in Independence Square at Colombo 7, is known as Torrington Square in early days. It was built for the commemoration of independence from British in 1948. During your 7 days in Sri Lanka, you are free to visit independence square & the Independence Memorial Museum.

    Pettah Streets

    The most exciting part of the Colombo day tour is, roaming the Pettah street, which is a busy commercial area with shops, textiles, buildings, jewelry shops and etc. There are a series of open air bazaars and markets, and the Pettah is closer to Sri Lanka Port, Colombo Fort Railway Station and Colombo Bus Stand.

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    Galle Face Green

    At the end of day 1 of your one week tour to Sri Lanka, relax in Galle Face beach and enjoy great street food while watching the sunset & listening to whispers of sea. Even though there are no water sports activities taken place at this beach, it is popular among locals and tourists for its beauty.

  • Day 02 - Galle / Mirissa

    On the second day of this 7 days Sri Lanka holiday package, we will start to travel Galle from Colombo after breakfast in the hotel. Here are few activities to do in and around Galle & Mirissa, on the second day of the one week tour.

    • Walk through the Galle Fort
    • Explore Galle History
    • Beach Ball
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    Galle Fort City Walk & Explore History of Galle with this One Week Sri Lanka Tour Itinerary

    In 1663, Galle Fort City was built by Dutch, because of this Fort, the Galle city is well known among tourists in modern days. The Galle fort is a World Heritage site and is the largest fortress in Asia which still stand with pride, developed by European occupiers.

    Before the European rulers occupy Galle, it was known as “Gimhathitha”, because this location was used to shelter big number of bullock carts in ancient days. In the Fort City of Galle, there are ancient Churches which were built by Dutch, Portuguese and British which reflects the European culture. There are gravestones of Dutch, Portuguese and British soldiers and their families, by reading the names on those gravestones easily figure out who were there in ancient Galle Fort. Interestingly, there you can see a gravestone of a newborn baby who passed away just in 4 days since birth. When you enter the Fort, you will feel like entering an ancient city in Europe.

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    Galle museum is the key evidence to proof that how much strong economy Sri Lanka had in past. The museum of Galle does not fail to showcase the collections from European occupiers Portuguese, Dutch and English. There are three important galleries in the museum, such as

    • Gallery with collections of turtle shell jewelry making, traditional wooden mask carving, Beeralu lace weaving and other area's special stuffs.
    • Collections of Dutch period furniture and weaponry Gallery
    • Sri Lanka China Friendship Gallery

    After your day in Galle Fort, if time permits, visit old Dutch church and the British church near Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa (which are the famous beaches in Sri Lanka). At the end of second day of 7 days holidays to Sri Lanka, rest the day in the Mirissa beach while playing beach ball, surfing and various kind of fun activities & water sports activities.

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    7 days Sri Lanka

  • Day 03 Tangalle - Yala

    On the third day of 1 week Sri Lanka tour, after breakfast in hotel in Galle, leave to visit Tangalle & Yala. Interesting Places to visit Around Tangalle with this 1 Week Sri Lanka Holiday Package :

    • Hummanaya
    • Mulkirigala Raja Maha Wiharaya
    • Safari
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    Drive to the blowhole Hummanaya which is located in a fishing village Kudawella. Sri Lanka's only one blowhole Hummanaya, is a natural one and caused when sea water rushes submerged cavern. You can enjoy the water shoot of every couple of minutes subjected to sea's climate, the spray may be around 25m high.

    Mulkirigala Raja Maha Wiharaya

    After the beach visits we give a small religious touch to your Sri Lanka 7 days tour by visiting Mulkirigala Raja Maha Wiharaya. It is a Buddhist temple on rock surrounded by other rocks such as known as Benagala, Kondagala, Bisogala and Seelawathiegala. At this rock complex, there are ancient murals, a recumbent Buddha statue, Devalayas and etc at different levels of the rock. In a cave on this complex, there were olas (palm-leaf manuscripts) which were discovered by British administrator, George Turnour in early 1800s. After a visit to this rock complex, let's proceed to Yala to explore the animals and birds on their own home, as part of the 1 week Sri Lanka holidays.

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    Yala Safari on Your 7 Days in Sri Lanka Package

    The most exciting move of 3rd day of this one week in Sri Lanka tour package is, the Yala jeep safari. In Yala National Park, the animals are at their own home with the comfortable weather in afternoon. On the Yala Safari, witness leopards, elephants and various other animals and reptiles. Yala National Park is located in the South Eastern region of Sri Lanka and extends over two provinces such as Southern province and Uva province. The reserve is shared by around 130 different species of birds and other creatures like crocodiles, monkeys, wild boar and porcupines etc.

    After visit to Yala, stay in a hotel in Yala, or if you are willing to stay near to the animals' home, camping can be arranged on this area.

  • Day 04 - Ella - Pinnawala

    On the fourth day of the one week Sri Lanka holiday, we visit Ella and Pinnawala.

    • Visit to Ella Town, Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge
    • Feed Baby Elephant
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    After the breakfast, leave Yala, to visit Ella which is a small town and a fast growing holiday destination in Sri Lanka among adventure seekers due to its geographical location and shape. Ella is surrounded by cloud forests, hills and tea plantations. Ella is well known for morning trekking activities, if you are an adventure seeker, Ella has more to treat on your one week holidays in Sri Lanka, so which is not a missed out holiday destination on your 7 days Sri Lanka itinerary. On a normal night, the views through Ella gap are dazzling and Great Basses lighthouse on island's south coast can be seen from Ella. Little Adam’s Peak, Nine Arch Bridge, Lipton’s Seat, Diyaluma Falls, Ella Spice Garden, Ravana Waterfall are some of the best sightseeing sites in Ella.

    Pinnawala Baby Elephants
    Pinnawala Elephants
    Pinnawala Elephants Bath

    In the evening, in Pinnawala elephant orphanage, watch bathing elephants in river and feed baby elephants. Pinnawala is located in Kegalle district, and it is home for the largest herd of elephants. Wildlife Conservation Department of the country organized the orphanage in 1975 to take care of orphaned baby elephants and wounded elephants, and provides care.

  • Day 05 - Sigiriya / Dambulla

    On fifth day morning, after breakfast, proceed to Sigiriya, the world popular rock in Sri Lanka, and the Dambulla Golden Temple, as per this 7 days to Sri Lanka itinerary.

    • Dambulla Cave Temple
    • Climbing Sigiriya
    • Elephant Ride
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    Sri Lanka Tour Package
    Sri Lanka Tour Package

    Sigiriya is the rock fortress ancient kingdom, popular for the wall paintings. This fortress was built by King Kashyapa as his capital. On your visit to Sigiriya with this 1 week in Sri Lanka holiday package, you can witness ancient civilization on this fortress, the mirror wall, Lion paw shaped entrance, art works, ancient water gardens (in the central section of the western precinct), boulder gardens, terraced gardens and etc. When climbing the ancient fortress you can witness the beautiful view of surroundings from top.

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    Sri Lanka Tour Package

    With this 1 week in Sri Lanka itinerary, on 5th day let's dig deeper to the Sri Lankan history and get to know about history of Sri Lanka. Dambulla is the biggest and well sustained complex of cave temples in Sri Lanka. Dambulla rock was the large unique rock where ancient king Walagambahu seek refuge in B.C 1st century. In Dambulla, there are more than 80 caves, anyhow the major tourist attraction is towards the five caves, such as cave of Divine King, cave of Great Kings, New Monastery and the statues & paintings including Lord Buddha, Sri Lankan kings and other gods & goddesses.

  • Day 06 & 07 - Anuradhapura / Polonnaruwa / Mihinthale

    Visit Anuradhapura During Your 7 Days in Sri Lanka

    • Visit to Heritage Destinations & Bicycle Ride
    • Lake Visiting
    • Mihinthale Rock Climbing

    On this one week holidays in Sri Lanka, there are many things to see in Anuradhapura, which is the first capital of Sri Lanka, established around 5th century BC. In Anuradhapura, visit to few ancient places in the below list :

    • Ruwanwelisaya Dagoba
    • Sri Maha Boodhi Temple
    • Jethawanaramaya Temple
    • Lankarama Stupa
    • Nakha Vehera
    • Mirisaveti Stupa
    • Ranmasu Uyana
    • Ancient palace
    • Short Handed Statue
    • Nellikulama Temple
    • Abhayagiri Dagoba
    • Isurumuniya Temple
    • Samadhi Statue

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    Ancient Anuradhapura faced many invasions from South India. Anyhow ancient kings like Dutthagamani, Valagamba, and Dhatusena defeat the South Indians occupiers and regained the kingdom. Still the sources of ancient irrigation system can be noted in Anuradhapura, the ancient kingdom was known for the best irrigation system of Sri Lanka due to the reason that the country's economy was completely rely on agriculture. A bicycle ride in this ancient ruin place would give you a great experience on ancient days of the kingdom.

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    Visit Polonnaruwa, Second Capital of Ancient Sri Lanka

    Polonnaruwa is one of the popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka for Birds watching. Not only that, it is the second capital of ancient Sri Lanka and you can still see remarks of ancient temples and civilization in Polonnaruwa. Here are tourist destinations in Polonnaruwa, on which we will visit to few with this Sri Lanka 7 days tour package :

    • Royal Palace
    • Kiri Vihara
    • Medirigiriya Vatadage
    • Lankathilaka Image House
    • Ancient Swimming Pool
    • Sacred Quadrangle
    • Lord Shiva temple
    • Pabalu Vehera
    • Rankot Vihara

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    The irrigation system of Polonnaruwa is better than Anuradhapura period comparatively, you can still witness the ancient sources of irrigation system on your one week holidays to Sri Lanka. Parakrama Samudra is in Polonnaruwa which supplies required water for paddy fields around the ancient capital.

    The Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka, specially because of those are the ancient Kingdoms of the country with years of history.

    On this last day of 7 days Sri Lanka itinerary, visit Mihinthale rock to get some adventure and cultural experiences too.

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    Mihinthale Rock Climbing for Adventure Seekers

    Mihinthale is a historical rock, located near Anuradhapura. As per the history, Sri Lankan King Devanapiyatissa and Buddhist monk Mahinda who is Son of Emperor Asoka of India, met in this rock as initial step to introduce Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Places to visit around Mihinthale with this one week tour package to Sri Lanka are :

    • 68 Caves
    • Lion Pond
    • Naga Pokuna
    • Eth Vehara
    • Ancient Hospital
    • Inscription & Urns
    • On top of the rock you see visit the dagoba and Buddha statue
    • In the foot area of the rock, there are ruins of large monastery
    • Refectory
    • Ambasthala Dagaba
    • The Cave of Arahat Mahinda
    • Maha Stupa
    • Aradhana Gala
    • Kaludiya Pokuna
    • Singha Pokuna
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    After visit to Mihinthale, rest at hotel and get ready for flight on next day with happy mind and your one week holiday in Sri Lanka comes to end.