In this tour you can cover almost all the tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. In particular it covers the Beaches, Colonial period monuments, Wild life, Hill country, Ancient cities and so on

  • Hikkaduwa

    Airport to Hikkaduwa beach, the name Hikkaduwa means '' Sword of Knowledge ''. You stay 02 nights in. Hikkaduwa which is situated 98 Km away from Colombo towards the south of Sri Lanka. This is a picturesque & beautiful beach area where you can do Surfing,Snorkelling, Whale watching,Diving,and Scuba Diving. In fact it is a one-stop place and a paradise of coral reefs. You can visit Masks, Gems,Jewellery,Batik and Antique shops. On the way to Hikkaduwa our first stop is Moonstone Mine & factory in Hikkaduwa. Moonstones are the semi-precious category and take an important component of the Sri Lankan gem industry.A moonstone is grey in colour and feels cool and smooth to the touch but when well-polished it has a glow like the moon. The villagers believe that a piece of land around an acre in extent, is blessed by the moon. Next we visit the Turtle hatchery and stay overnight in Hikkaduwa.

  • Unawatuna | Hikkaduwa

    Visit the Jungle beach in Unawatuna and relax in the beach. Unawatuna beach was named as '' World's Best Beach '' by Discovery channel in year 2004. Jungle beach is a horse saddle shape bay and Unawatuna beach is a small tourist heaven in Sri Lanka. Stay overnight in Hikkaduwa.

  • Udawalawa | Galle | Bell tower

    Start the journey to Udawalawa. Our first stop is' Galle, the port of Galle was built by Portuguese and then the Dutch expanded it in to a large structure in 1663. Then we visit '' Bell tower '' built in 1901. '' Dutch government house”, National maritime museum , 18m high Light house which built in 1938 , are the other main places to visit in Galle. Then we proceed to Udawalawa. Udawalawa National Park is one of the best contenders of the Savannah Reserves of Africa. Stay overnight in Udawalawa.

  • Ella

    Start the journey to Ella. Over night stay in Ella.

  • NuwaraEliya | Seethaamman temple | Lovers leap | Victoria Park | Tea estates | Gregory Lake | Colonial hotels

    NuwaraEliya - in SriLankan tourist industry NuwaraEliya is often referred to as '' Little England ''. During good old days NuwaraEliya was called '' City of light ''. This beautiful town is a British creation having been discovered by Colonial Officer John Dary in 1819. Lovers leap, Victoria Park, tea estates, Gregory Lake, Seethaamman temple, Colonial hotels, Golf ground and view point are the main places to visit. We can have a guided tour in the tea factory and you can learn about the variousprocesses in producingtea. In the city of course you can have a horse ride as well. 0ver night stay in “ Little England ” .

  • Kandy | Tea factories | Water falls | vegetable & fruit farms

    Then we proceed towards the '' Last kingdom '' in Sri Lanka,Kandy. Within 80km distance from NuwaraEliya to Kandy allow for plenty of stops at Tea factories, Tea estates, Water falls, flower shops,vegetable and fruit farms etc. After passing Ramboda falls and nice sceneries under a really cool climate we reach to the Kandy.

  • Dalada Maligawa | Kandy | view point | Ceylon Tea museum or Naththaranpotha | Peradeniya botanical garden | Gadaladeniya | Lankathilaka | Ambakke

    Visit Dalada Maligawa the '' Temple of the Tooth'' which houses the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha.Here you can observe poojas (offerings), participate in offering flowers & incense and watch ancient traditions of drumming & sacred chanting in honour of the tooth relic being performed several times each day. After visiting the Maligawa we can start the Kandy city tour. First we visit Kandy '' view point '' which is also known as Arthur's seat and provides a panoramic view of Kandy town. Second, we visit Ceylon Tea museum or Naththaranpotha, the craft village. Then we visit the world famous Peradeniya botanical garden where we can have a cup of tea. Finally we visit three ancient temple loop Gadaladeniya, Lankathilaka & Ambakke and back to Inora for overnight stay in Kandy.
    In addition, we can arrange for you an eight kilometre Trekking via the abovementioned three temple loop. It will cover lots of areas and things includingpaddy fields, bird watching, small villages, lakes, jungles, tea plantations, and more. For sure it will be a wonderful local experience too.

  • Sigiriya

    After staying two days in the last kingdom we will start our journey to reach the first kingdom in Sri Lanka. We stay over night at Sigiriya.

  • Polonnaruwa | Habarana | Minneriya sanctuary

    Visit Sigiriya rock fortress and then start the journey towards Polonnaruwa. In the middle of the journey we stop at Habarana village. Habarana is a popular tourist destination specially for '' Safari Lovers ''. In fact Habarana is the starting point for safaris.In the nearby Habarana jungle and the Minneriya sanctuary the Elephants are heavily populated. Elephant back riding is also an attraction in this small village. After having a cool scenic view of Habarana Lake we start the journey to Polonnaruwa. Stay over night in Polonnaruwa.

  • Polonnaruwa | Kumarapokuna | Gal potha | Gal vihara | Kirivihara dagoba | Nelumpokuna | Potgulvihara | Minneriya & Kaudulla national parks | Trincomalee | Nilaveli & Uppuveli | Piegon Island | Kanniya hot water springs

    In Polonnaruwa visiting Royal palace group is a must - it is a magnificent structure situated in the southeast corner of the palace grounds.The Bathing pool (kumarapokuna) has two of its crocodile-mouth spouts remaining. Gal potha(stonebook) - the longest stone inscription in Sri Lanka. Gal vihara where you can see group of Buddha images which probably marks the high point of Sinhalese rock carvings. Kirivihara, dagoba - '' milk white temple''- is still the best preserved unrestored dagoba at Polonnaruwa. Nelumpokuna - ' Lotus pond ' ,Potgulvihara - ' the library dagoba ' , Minneriya and Kaudulla national parks are other places of interest. Then we proceed towards Trincomalee.-
    Trinco - Trincomalee is a fascinating town sitting along one of the world's finest natural harbours, to the south along with the British built air field ' China bay '.There are lots of historical & interesting places to visit. Nilaveli & Uppuveli beaches are such lovely places for Snorkelling or Diving. Nilaveli water is clear &blue in colour & Piegon Island is a place no one can miss. Natural deep-water harbour has been attracted bytraders, sea farers, pilgrims from all over the world. Ravana'scleft, Kanniya hot water springs & lots of shrines to be visited. Stay overnight in Trincomalee.

  • Trincomalee

    Enjoy the triple ' S ' sun sea & sand in Trinco beach &stay overnight in Trinco

  • Anuradhapura

    Start the journeyback to the first kingdom, Anuradhapura. Stay two nights in Anuradhapura.

  • Anuradhapura | Ritigala mountain | Pink/rose quartz & Iron | Namaluyana pink quartz mountain | Avukana statue

    Except those activities in Anuradhapura (please refer toitinerary No 01) we can arrange excursions to * Pink quartz & Iron wood forest - the largest pink/rose quartz mountain range & Iron wood forest in Asia. * Avukana & Kala wewa reservoir or Ritigala mountain range.
    Pink/rose quartz & Iron wood - the jathika namal uyana in Sri Lanka is the largest iron wood forest & rose quartz mountain range in Asia. Botanically ' Na ' tree is called ' Mesuaferara ' which calls Iron wood in English. Na is the national tree of Sri Lanka. This pink quartz has a history of more than 550 millions of years, the row of 07 mountain is situated over & above 180 to 300m above the sea level. History reveals that emperor ' Shajahan ' while constructing ' Taj mahal ' the 07th wonder of the world, brought all the necessary materials which are from different parts of the world & he used marbles from Namaluyana pink quartz mountain. There are 03 water falls deriving from this mountains & this water is enriched with minerals & contains Ayurveda medical values.Villagers believes that drinking this water will cure their diseases.
    Avukana `& kalawewa reservoir - Avukana statue is a standing statue of the Buddha which has been carved out of a large granite rock face but is not completely separated. Height is more than 40 feet (12m). There is another standing statue of Buddha close to Avukana calls '' sasseruwa ''. The legend says the two statues are results of a competition between a stone sculpting ' Guru ' (master) & ' Gola ' (pupil). Master constructed the Avukana statue while the pupil made the statue at sasseruwa. The first to complete his statue had to notify it to the other by ringing a bell. The master managed to complete his statue first & won the competition. This is said to be the reason that the Sasseruwa statue is in an unfinished state.
    Ritigalamoutain - the highest mountain in the north central dry plains in Sri Lanka which is at a height of 766m above the sea level. The mountain mass about three miles long & about two miles wide.At its widest point is covered with dense jungle inhabited by wild elephants,bears &leopards.

  • Anuradhapura | Negombo or to the Airport

    Start the Journey from Anuradhapura to Negombo or to the airport.